Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Moooooodle and My Assignment 1

I have been very busy at my work the whole of this week. My employers ( University of the South Pacific) have decide to use Moodle Learning Management System from Semester 1, 2008…so currently I have been busy migrating all the courses in different LMS such as WebCT & Edison into the Moodle LMS. Moreover, I have to take triaining of various faculty staffs in Moodle….basically have to teach them about how to use the Moodle LMS….so the next few weeks in my life will be all about Mooooooooooooodle…….pretty crazy stuff but I love it.

And yea….also trying hard to cope up with my EDU5471 Assignment 1….There as an overwhelming amount of discussions being generated in the course web environment…..really difficult to cope up…..many students in the same course suggest do not read all the messages….but how do we prioritize them…..there is simply no mechanisms stating which message is of utmost importance…..however I like reading all the messages….I always learn something….though at times it’s a bit corky ….

I managed to sign up at a discussion list calledelearnEnable which actually consist of the students in the same course (EDU5471)…I like the discussion list coz lot of interesting discussions being generated. I have been adding my comments in the Web Harvesting, Mobile Learning & Online Collaboration Activities discussion topics.

I have been doing my research on podcasting which will be my topic for the assignment on communication tool…well that’s it for now….i gota creep back to my work…….oh no Moooooodle again….


Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Studies so far…..

Hello Bloggers
I just broke a light bulb and managed cleaning it up before I started writing this blog. Last week went extremely fast…..had to settle in a new place, got to know new people, manage to understand and practice my new job responsibilities and of course catching up with the EDU5471…tremendous and healthy discussions taking place……

I also managed to register for a discussion list which was being organized by one of the fellow student (Arthur). Also great discussions taking place…I have been involved in the Online Collaboration and Mobile Learning (m-Learning) discussion topics.

Amidst all these I have managed to finish the Module 2 readings but yet to read the Selected readings bit…however I knew most of the stuffs as it was about the computer hardware. I enjoyed readings about ergonomics and the mind mapping software…apart from that....i have been trying to concentrate on Assignment 1 particularly where I have to write a paper on a contemporary online communication tool….i have decide to write about podcasting and its use and implications in the Education…..this one of the ways of m-learning.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I was thinking of a good title for this blog …but I couldn’t put my thinking cap any more after hard day at work, so this blog is titled Untitiled…….well new city, new place, new people, new job ….a new life……that’s what iam currently undergoing in my not so stressful (perhaps) life….trying to get to know things quickly but sometimes iam hasty and end up doing things wrongly……but life is a long learning process…isn’t it……have quickly managed to settle down in the office…….

Well trying to cope up with the USQ EDU5471 Discussion Forums readings……isn’t it amazing that just only 4 weeks into the course and more than 400 messages have been generated. (infact a course I did in sem3, 2007 only generated 480 messages over the whole of the semester)….so yea this is one of the most active forums I have ever participated in….The content of the discussions taking place is with max depth and breadth. Every discussion, I sort off learn something new….and its very enjoyable…..

I have started working on the Assignment 1 ….actually started reading on stuffs relating to podcasting as this will be my topic of discussion in Assignment Item 2A…..and its implications and uses in the educational context…..Have also joined a discussion list consisting of the fellow students….rite now discussions are going on online collaborations and m learning.

Anywaz I will go n write a something (probably a good title ) for the next blog


Monday, March 19, 2007

Back in the Business

Its been quite some time i have been out of touch with my blog...actually i have just reloacted to a new city which is in the different part of the country...so yea.....iam sort of back in the biz.......will update my blog asap....have been tring to catch up on the discussions at the forum and it s quite a lot....

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Day2 of Blogging

This is my 2nd of blogging....just finished going thru the USQ Course EDU5471 LMS (WebCT), replied to some of the discussions and also added some discussions in relation to the soultions to the Activities in module 1 of the course.

Well managed to collect the selected reading of module 1 ...actually managed to read some of the selected readings especially the one on Wikis, blogs, leanring objects and acceptable Use policies.

Anywaz thats it for 2day.

Javed (jblogger)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

First Blog

This is the first time i have set up a blog account and have started using the Blog....just sort of getting the hang of using the blog....i have read a lot about Blogs but this is it....my firts hands on experience using the Blogs. This i would say accredited mostly to my USQ course "Computer Based Resources in Education....which is part of my Masters in Educational Technology....and it is offered thru Online.....

Well everything has a starting and Iam anticpating greater things to derive from this blog.
Currentl Iam on annual leave and will take up a new job posting at the University Iam working in (USP) but in a different campus....i guess the main campus (USP Laucala Campus) as a Course Development Assistant.

So rite now iam in the western part of Fiji but will move into my new flat in suva.

Anywaz....thats it for now

Jave (jblooger)