Monday, March 17, 2008

Module 1 (week 2) reflections

Well module 1 of FET5601 is schedule to be covered in week 2 to 4 but I managed to finish it in week 2. (thanx to the government for a public holiday in Fiji).

The most interesting thing which I learned in module 1 was that the 4 part definition of Instructional designing - being a process, a discipline, a science and a reality, which is actually true. Prior to this I was always thinking of ID being a process.

I also developed a concept map (using Visio) to explain what ID means from my perspective.

There were some interesting thoughts on the definition of flexible learning. It was really good to read about the various definitions and connotations of flexible learning. For me I think flexible delivery is a vehicle for achieving flexible learning which includes open, distance and online learning. Flexible learning means leaners have a choice of what, how and when they want to study. This encompasses a learner’s learning styles, needs, outcomes, strategies, preferences and prior experience. Basically the learner is in control of their learning and they decide how, when and what their learning experience be.

The were some really good papers for module 1 readings. However I found the Siemens (2002) and Dougiamas (1998) very useful. In Seimens (2002), he discusses the various definitions, models and benefits of ID which I never knew. Dougiamas (1998) discusses the several types of constructivism which being trivial, radical, social, cultural and critical constructivism. I had a brief idea as to what constructivism was but this is the first time I had read about the several types of constructivism and how they are interrelated.

I have also started work on the project outline and getting a hang of stuffs. I am thinking of creating an online course on teaching and learning using the Moodle LMS for the teaching staffs at the University of the South Pacific (where I work). I also read the exemplars given for the course which has been really helpful in guiding me.

Iam ready to have my foray into this project.

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Jane Ross said...

Hi Javed,
I have tried using Moodle with my Grade 3 class! It worked! I must admit I had some help from an ICT Tech here. My class loved the 4 week experience but we had to stop as we actually ran out of space! I only had bought 200MB as I wasn't sure that it would work and I was the one paying for it!